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Title: 07222Y0066-ADMINS System Maintenance
Correction (DOC)
Keshia Wyllie
Services (other than human services)
Request for Information
7/5/2022 - 7/11/2022
Intent to Award

PIN#07222Y0066 - Due: 7/20/2022 2:00 PM


Pursuant to Section 3-05 of the NYC Procurement Policy Board Rules, it is the intent of The New York City Department of Correction to enter into a Sole Source negotiation, with ADMINS, INC., with offices located at 219 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110-3927 for  maintenance and support of licenses, upgrades for the Department’s use of ADMINS Software in support of ongoing operations of the DOC Inmate Information System (IIS). The Department of Correction’s (DOC) Inmate Information System (IIS) is a custom-built inmate tracking and reporting system used to record and report on inmate related data concerning medical, security, housing, legal, food services, transportation, support services and management programs. IIS was developed using the Admins programming language, an early 4th generation programming language (4GL) that was written, marketed and supported by Admins, Inc. in the 1970’s. Currently, ADMINS provides DOC with its proprietary software that facilitates a multi-user, multiprocessing virtual memory-based operating system designed to support time-sharing, batch processing, transaction processing and workstation applications as part of its overall Inmate Management System.  The ADMINS software integrates with its Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX/VMS alongside, OpenVMS running on DEC Alpha systems, the Itanium-based HPE Integrity Servers, and integrated with OpenVMS, developed, and supported by a company named VMS Software Inc., which is separately procured. 

Any vendor besides ADMINS, INC. that believe it can provide the above referenced services may express interest responding to the RFI E-PIN 07222Y0066 in PASSPort.

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